Thrift store updates- quick videos from last week and this week

There you go- last week’s update of The Village Thrift- followed by this week’s all in one…

This second video was shot before clothes started making their way from the stock room to the racks (which happened Friday). Lots of progress in the past few days, as things started shaping up and we began looking like an actual store. Opening is scheduled for May 1!

Top 5, week ending 04/05: Store update, food bank, guys’ night out, staff hall… and kindness for kids

1. Thrift store update video #4- I’ve placed it here so you can see the progress. The place looks awesome. Every week it’s looking more and more like a store. You’ll be blown away by the update we share next week!

Thrift at Longhorn

2. We took the guys out. We decided that the crew who has been working at the store has been so amazing that we took them out to dinner as a thank you. That’s the pic above.

photo 2

3. Food bank / food donations. Lately, we’ve been receiving a truck each Wednesday with food donations- too much for us to use. This week we were able to toss out a few messages and offer for other transitional facilities and housing programs to come pick up whatever they needed. We’re thinking this will continue, and will post updates here and on FaceBook when it does.

photo 1

4. Our computers and software and point of sale “stuff” is ready for the thrift store. Now, we’re setting items on the floor.

5. Staff / intern housing is almost complete. We’ll post pics in the next two weeks of the progress.

By the way. Kindness for Kids is in two weeks… it’s an event where we’ll minister to the local neighborhood… April 12, Saturday. Meet at our facility at 9:00 am.

Thrift store update #3- racks built, almost ready to start putting items on floor

Here’s a quick video we shot at the end of last week… providing the update for the thrift store we’re preparing to open in the next few weeks.

Donations are going great! You can schedule a donation pick-up by calling our offices (205-868-3751) or by going to the drop box location page on The Village Thrift website.

By the way, we’re taking applications at the store, Monday through Friday (minus Tuesdays) from 1:00 – 3:00 pm. This past week over 90 people applied! We’ll keep it open for one more week.

Thrift store video update, up-cycled checkout counters going in, hiring opportunities

Here you go… the latest thrift store, video update

For employment opportunities, visit the store, March 17th (Monday) from 1-3pm, or March 19th (Tuesday) through March 21st (Friday) at the same time.

The Village Thrift is hiring… here’s the info

The Village Thrift is hiring…

Interested? Show up to the store, 40 Phillips Drive, Monday, 3/24/2014… from 1:00 – 3:00 pm…

Your contact is Ray Jackson.

Then Wednesday 26th, Thursday 27th, Friday 28th…¬†for more info about the store…

Thanks for sharing.

Top 5, week ending 03/08/2014- “100″ Health Dept score, Barefoot Moses, Thrift updates, and more

Here’s the top 5 for the week ending 03/08/2014… As always, items are listed here in no particular order.

IMG_00191. The guys from Barefoot Moses played at The Village. We skipped class one Monday evening, to have the guys out. They were fantastic! They are humble, gracious men who mix folk singing with rap and about ten other genres. They love people, and they love the Lord.


2. Charles and Terry scored 100 in the kitchen! Our Health Department inspection went really well. They always do. The guys keep a great work space. We’ve hit 98, 97… 99…

But never 100- until now!

3. The thrift store looks amazing. Earlier in the week I posted a video of the progress the guys have made- and all of the things they did while I was in Hawaii. I returned to a store that is (almost) ready to set up.

4. Open house is scheduled at the thrift store for 05/01/2014- 05/03/2014. We’ll have been open for a few weeks by that point- and will have the “flow” of things down- as much as possible. We plan to do a ribbon cutting on Thursday, May 1st, in the morning… followed by a weekend of fun.

More info to come on this.


5. Southpace and Cadence Bank will be helping with the Open House. Southpace, the property manager, is helping provide publicity and helping us “do it right.” Cadence Bank will provide hotdogs, hamburgers, and food…

Quick video showing the amazing work the guys did while I was in Hawaii (thrift store update)!

Last week Cristy and I were in Hawaii. Short version: She was blessed with an all expenses paid trip through Young Living (essential oils). She was allowed to take a guest- so I got to tag along!

While away, the guys at The Village, led by Ray (who is managing / overseeing / creating) The Village Thrift kept sending me pics of their progress. The pics looked good, to be honest… and they seemed to be making great progress towards our goal of opening by March 31.

After a week away, I arrived at the store and was shocked.

The guys, with a purchased welder, were building all of the racks.

They had pulled together some wood from Lowes, with a lot of reclaimed scrap, to start putting together shelves.

Ray purchased a closed-down Movie Gallery for $300 to create additional shelves for the book section- and check-out counters…

The list goes on…

Here’s a quick overview of what they’ve done. I’ll post an update in another week or so, as well as get back to the Top 5.

Thanks for sharing.