Staff // Contact Info

The Village

  • Office address: 507 Whitmore Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35221
  • Phone: 205.868.3751 (see below for extensions- front desk is x100).
  • Fax: 205.868.3757
  • Email:

If you’re wanting to contact us via this website, complete the following form. Or, you can call any staff member directly by using the info below.

Lead Staff: The lead staff is divided into three teams. The program team oversees the ministry aspects of The Village (pastoral care, job development, case management, counseling, Sozo ministry, etc.). The operations team is responsible for property, vehicles, and food- all aspects that are needed to keep the parts of the organization moving. The business team stewards resources. In addition, we recently opened  a thrift store and have a team leading that business venture.

Program team

  • Gatlin, David- Program Director- team leader- x103
  • Johnson, Jeremiah- Pastoral / Case Management- x107
  • Nola, Phillip- Job Development / Learning Center x 109
  • Sims, Leslie- Program Assistant / Women’s Program Director- x104
  • Smith, Dot- Job Development / Learning Center x 109
  • Tankersley, Mitch- Pastoral / Case Management- x107
  • Whaley, Tom- Pastoral / Case Management- x107
  • Wilson, Blake- Head- Pastoral / Case Management, 12-step- x106

Operations team

  • Redwine, Trent, Director of Operations- team leader- & interns 205.868.3754 (direct)
  • Grattan, Eric- Security- 205.868.3754

Business team

  • Turman, Jonathan- Business Manager- team leader- x102
  • Brown, Jessica- Financial Assistant- x105

Executive team

  • Jenkins, Andrew- Director- x101

Thrift store / The Village Thrift

  • Jackson, Ray- Manager- team leader- 205-868-3751
  • Debter, Drew- Procurement, 205-868-3753 or 205-868-3751 x102

21 thoughts on “Staff // Contact Info

  1. Will you please send me info on your organization. I have a family member who can benefit from this program. What do they need to do to enter this program & what is the.cost?

    Thank you in advance!

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  6. My name is christy champion. Im going to be joining the village family.. im kind of nervous but excited at the same time . The only thing im afarid of is failing at my life long goals. i think im more nervous than anything. i know with everyones help there it will work out just fine and i will do great and make everyone proud of me.

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  8. I have a family member just brought in. Will u please sent me the info on the rules and regulations like also the visiting hours and all that. Thank u.

  9. Hello, my boyfriend will be coming there around Monday and he is coming from Kilby Correctional Facility to parole out and I’m just wondering when I will be able to come visit him and how long the visit will be and if I will be able to talk to him on the phone or anything, please let me know if you can… thanks.

    • Visitation is every other weekend (2nd and 4th weekends of the month). You are welcome to attend church with him, each Sunday, at The Grace Church ( Contact the program director or his case manager for more info (205-868-3751).

  10. hello my name is marla martin just so you’ll know not only has the program brought me out of darkness but my case manager leslie ratlin has been a really big part of my legal situation being resolved,keep up the great work team.

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