We’re located at 507 Whitmore Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35221.

Our phone number is 205-868-3751. The phone is answered 24-hours / day.

Here are some quick directions:

Take Lakeshore going West from I-65. You will pass the Walmart/Sam’s megaplex on your left and some other Wildwood shops on your right (O’Charley’s, Chili’s, etc.). Keep going. You will pass John Carroll High School on your right… continue driving down Lakeshore. In fact, you will pass Oxmoor Road and a total of about 6 traffic lights (a distance of about 3 miles). You will be traveling like you’re going to Highway 150, which Lakeshore eventually intersects- but that is too far if you make it there.

Anyway, from Lakeshore, take a right onto Sydney. It’s the 7th red light from I-65. Another landmark at this turn: Aldersgate United Methodist Church will be on your left. Again, go right down Sydney. You will likely notice signs that point you to Lawson State Community College, too.

Sydney winds- take it for about a mile. You will come to a traffic light (the only one). You’ll see a bright yellow convenience store across the street from you (Dan’s Grocery, which poudly sells “Soul Food”). Take a left at the light onto Ishkooda-Wenonah Road. You will go left for 1/2 mile, almost exactly.

This streets winds a bit. But, at the 1/2 mile marker you will take a right onto Whitmore Drive/ 44th Street.

Immediately as you turn, you can see the facility on your left. It is a one-story building, tan in color. Lots of windows. Again, the address is 507 Whitmore Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35221. 

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